postheadericon Cincinnati Masters: Serena beat Ana Ivanovic to claim her first Cincinnati title

She had waited for this victory for so long. With six attempts done since 2006, Serena Williams finally won a Cincinnati title after a tough face-to-face battle of 62 minutes against Ana Ivanovic at the Western & Southern Open. She certainly made lots of sports gamblers happy with this win, and especially those who wagered on her on sports betting websites. Serena herself was also overwhelmed with joy. “It’s just amazing to finally win here. It was such a great week.

She (Ana Ivanovic) was playing so hard, hitting so many winners,” said Williams. Once again, Serbia’s Ivanovic bowed to the 32-years old American 6-4_6-1. In four matches both athletes met, Ivanovic only crushed Williams once, at the Australian Open held in January. Strong of her high sports betting odds, Serena Williams now has 62 WTA titles in her career accomplishments. Ambitious as she is, Serena is now working for another title repeat in the upcoming US Open.

postheadericon Some players are subject to survey after the World Cup

The dire plight of the Indomitable Lions is not finished after their shameful defeat in the Brazil World Cup 2014 and their case should not go unnoticed. As we might remember, despite their high sports betting odds, Cameroon got home without a single win, a fact that really affeted numerous keens of bets on football. The team collected three defeats to the entire disappointment of online sports betting world who wagered on this nation. Some of its players are likely to have big trouble in the coming weeks.

Indeed Cameroon Football Federation (Fécafoot) launched an investigation concerning a suspected fraud of selection as reported by FIFA. It refers to the disastrous game against Croatia, the end of which saw a large score defeat of the African team, 0-4. In its statement, the Cameroonian Federation promised to make every effort to resolve this disturbing problem as soon as possible.

postheadericon Innovative offers wait you on online bingo!

Online bingo become a very popular game. This gambling is available in two versions : the classic played with 75 balls and the 90 balls bingo. Many online bingo halls offer this game and let even a mother staying with her child at home playing quietly. And thanks to the competition in this domain, operators continue day by day to provide innovative offerings to satisfy customers. A new multi-player version has recently emerged. So, fans can play bingo among them. To participate, you should register on the site of your choice and create an account. For novices in the game, a free bingo game is available to allow them to do some tests. And for those who are determined to play bingo with real money, they can receive a bonus. The number of players online is also variable. But there’s always nice prize to pick and interesting reward to win.

postheadericon Countless bonuses await you in halls of online casino

Online gambling operators, Casino Bet, poker or bingo, do their best to let players feel the pleasure that can be acquired when playing in a land based casino. Some online websites and well known casino of the web offer then no deposit bonuses to attract visitors. A tip is thus given to all players. Playing to win more bonus and real jackpot is better than receiving free bonus only. Obviously, a large percentage of players are surprised on hearing this, but with the following, they will learn that it is quite true. No deposit bonuses are usually small amounts that do not exceed € 50. In addition, online casino do not allow players to directly pocket this amount. Conditions are always required to access these gains considered as free. This doesn’t, however, limit some casinos to make available to players this money when they want to withdraw it, which said that the choice of the casino where to play should be done correctly.

postheadericon The use of Freeroll

Playing free online poker can be a perfect way to learn how to master the game. A great advantage is that is allows you to play against player from all over the world at any time of the day.

Playing for free means that you do not have be scared of losing money, but in most cases it also means that you won’t be able to win any money. It’s mainly a perfect way of learning the rules to the game and to gain fundamental insight in the different variations. You will also get to learn the dynamics at a poker table. That is most important if you would like to play for real money later on.

So called freeroll poker games do allow you to win money without making a deposit. Free rolls are free tournaments with a pot. At these tournaments most players have the tendency to play ‘loose’ and become more aggressive when they get near the money.

The best thing to do here is to play a very tight game, but you will also need to be unafraid of putting in a higher deposit so that you can win more money. Many renowned players started of their careers at freeroll poker tables. Who knows where they will take you?

postheadericon Online Poker – What Makes Java Clients Click

Not all online poker rooms opt for the Flash/Java solutions to offer these games to their members, and in fact the amount of poker rooms using downloadable Linux and Mac compatible software is also on the increase. PartyPoker for example – they have software available which is compatible with Linux and Apple Macs. However the Java/Flash programming language is potentially a great deal more interesting because it offers a completely cross platform solution. In fact this writer has said before that there will come a time when online live poker players will not even know what is being said if someone mentions “download” software.

However, that having been said, in terms of the online poker player there is still a need to download software and the implications of this mainly lie with download anti-fraud properties. Anti-fraud and anti-botting; both these solutions depend on user download to their own system, because this is how a poker room tracks any programmes which look suspicious or may be running in the background. Provided the poker room switches these systems on – there have been a few nasty scandals on this aspect. Installing systems to pick up mouse and keyboard hooks for Java is going to be something interesting to see. These are the most common, or tell-tale signs of botting, collusion and all those wrong kinds of things scamsters use, instead of sitting down and enjoying a fair game of poker online.

Most Java clients like it too much, even though experts believe that it is not the most perfect computer language for programming real money games such as poker. Some don’t even like it for slots and although it is almost there – it is also, almost not! Java cannot create an entire game by itself the Java Native Interface (JNI) must also be integrated with C++ and/or C for adaption to audio and video hardware on a laptop or PC. There are still problems with Audio API’s during development and in fact the key to severing the dependency of Java from the JNI is more than likely the key to fully securing it from bots and other threats.

Some poker sites are already using Java-based gaming in very innovative ways, and of course the increased popularity in mobile gaming fits the Java platform as snug as a bug in a rug. There are no special programming requirements for video and audio hardware, so the tenuous connection to JNI is actually breached in this respect. Mobile poker software is free from the site where the player holds an account and any real money player can have it.

Java 3D for 3D graphics, has its limitations too, but has been the right choice for a while. While poker on mobile phones may be of a lesser quality depending on the mobile display; as popular as smartphones are set to become, not all poker players have access to these. But, one thing is for certain, with Java-based games, nearly everyone has access to online poker and this is how it should be.

postheadericon Charity poker at Bellagio

The renowned AAA Five Diamond Bellagio resort is hosting one of the biggest charity poker tournaments, partnering with prestigious winemakers in the aim to raise funds for good causes in the run up to Christmas. With its luxurious amenities, Bellagio can offer everything that may be required for a wine-themed event. The tournament will be held in January next year requiring an entry fee of $2,800. Players will be able to rebuy fro $2,500. The starting chip stack is 10,000 chips. Prize for the winner is a gold bracelet. For those who don’t know, AAA Five Diamond Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the hospitality industry in North America. And of course, Bellagio has an ultimate quality casino and poker room, too.

postheadericon PokerStars Purchases Cecure Gaming For Mobile Poker Purposes

Poker players are getting a move-on with getting their poker on-the-move and in the latest news, Pokerstars have strongly positioned themselves to push mobile poker out to their potential database of players by purchasing a mobile software company, Cecure Gaming. This site is already one of the largest online poker offerings in the world with more than 200 000 players online at any one time. They attract many players with their attractive game offerings and prizes as well as the fact that they are home to the largest stable of pro poker players in Team Poker Stars, globally. They offer games at every level of play, a poker school, opportunities to play with the BIG names and entry into the largest live tournaments found anywhere.

Cavendish Corporate Finance has announced that as at the 17th November, Cecure Mobile will successfully transfer to Poker Stars. Cecure has been actively working on solutions for mobile gaming since 2000 and in 2007 they partnered with T-Mobile to provide a real money poker offering. They have been involved with various brands including huge names in the poker industry such as Aces Royal and the World Poker Tour.

The fact that Poker Stars has gone to the extent of buying this mobile developer out completely, as apposed to actually partnering with them, proves that they are convinced that mobile poker will take off like a bat out of hell, which is exactly what experts have been predicting will take place. Mobile handheld devices have reached the stage of technological advancement to ensure that mobile gaming is of a high quality and will only improve, thereby increasing the demand for these games to a large extent.

A large amount of online poker rooms have started supporting mobile, real money poker gaming and whether you own a Nexus One, Blackberry, Motorola, HTC, LG, Sony, Ericsson, Samsung Nokia, Palm, or other smart phone, these gadgets can now be used to mobilize your game. For example Full Tilt Poker mobile accepts U.S. Players and supports Android as well as other mobile devices. Switch Poker does not accept U.S. players, but they do support play on iPads, iPods, and iPhones for real money games. Bwin supports a wide range of smart phones, does not accept US players, and provides the current largest mobile poker network.

You may have noticed that smart phones are the name of the game when it comes to playing mobile poker and this is because of the nature of the game. It is a multiplayer game which make it more complex, both technologically and graphically. All other gambling games are easily supported by any WAP enabled mobile devices, and there are quite literally thousands which may be used to play online casino games, bingo and make use of sports betting facilities.

That mobile poker is fast becoming a reality for all smart phone users also makes it more accessible to a wider audience and Poker Stars has also long been a favourite choice for Apple Mac users to, hence i-application platforms being extremely popular for poker online.

postheadericon Online Poker – Avoid Gamblers Ruin?

Gamblers ruin is common terminology that is used for poker players and other gamblers and this happens when they raise their wager to a fixed part of their bankroll when they win, but do not reduce this when they lose – the result is losing their bankroll!! This is a corollary of a theorem by Christiaan Huygens, and it is true even if the gambler has a positive expected value on every wager. Gamblers Ruin also applies to the gambler who has finite wealth, playing a fair game against a gambler with infinite wealth. Eventually the gambler with finite wealth will experience gamblers ruin.

This theorem essentially computes probability, has a wide application and there are actually three meanings, the third having to do with negative expected value games. It is a mathematical theory of probability and it is for this reason that bankroll money management plays such a huge role in any poker players’ life. No matter where you go or what you read about poker, bankroll money management features at the top of the heap.

When you are looking at the concept of Gamblers Ruin in the poker context, even if you happen to be a winning player, you can’t make any money if you are broke. Not having a bankroll means loss of the money you may have made or could have earned if this is your job; by having a healthy bankroll, or any bankroll at all for that matter. When you over-bet on your bankroll, this is when Gamblers Ruin comes into play.

There is a point in every poker players game when they should not place a bet if it is going to affect your ability to wager further down the line, so, the lesser of the two evils, even if you have a good hand, can be the most profitable action. In a tournament when your chips are done you are done, you are out of the game, this is what tournament poker is all about. The fact that this possible death sentence hangs over you means you have to alter your game to accommodate it. When you lose 45 percent of the time, this is more than made up for by the fact that you win 55 percent of the time. Muck a hand if you are not 100% sure.

If you look at this from the point of view of finite and infinite wealth as mentioned in the first paragraph, you should get the picture. You have $350 000 in total, this includes everything that you own, Bill gates says that on the flip of a coin he will match your $350 000 against $500 000, he just feels like a gamble. You lose that coin flip, you lose everything, he has infinite wealth, and even if he lost, it would have made absolutely no difference to his life.

And while we are on the subject of proposition bets of this nature, poker players are infamous for placing this kind of bet. Don’t go there if it means losing your bankroll, because you will be left with nothing. If you say to Bill Gates, “no wait” I will bet $100 000 to your $200 000 and leave it at that you are still left with £250 000, you still have the clothes on your back and therefore the means to make more money.

postheadericon Strategy For Casino Baccarat – Is There Such a Thing?

Casino Baccarat is such a simple game that there really is no way a justifiable strategy can be used. Simple strategies obviously work with all casino games; strategies such as bet big if you want to win big and bet small if you want to play for a long time. With baccarat, the same principles apply, but if ever anyone wants to sell you some complicated guaranteed strategy for playing this game, hang onto your money or you will lose twice. Once when you buy the strategy and again when you play.

A strategy would mean a system the player can use to influence the outcome of winning.

Rather save your money and play the game, the odds of winning will probably be higher. There are only three bets to place in baccarat and if you have the right cards in your hand, you simply have to rely on luck, just like the toss of a coin to see if you will win against the dealer. Every other player placing money on the strength of your, or the dealers hand will be doing exactly the same thing.

As with every casino card game, there is always room for improvement when you play, this could be called strategy, or tips if you like as they are as simple as that. If a system is based on previous hands or previous bets, you will be out of luck, this game is so random. There are only three sure things, either the player wins, the dealer wins or there is a tie.

One very important rule maintained by all baccarat players is never wager on the “tie”. Even though the returns are so huge the chances of this happening are incredibly slim. The tie wager has a massive house edge of over 15%, while a players hand wager only has 1.29%. The dealers (banker) hand wager has a house edge of 1.01%, but the house also charges a commission or “vigorish” on this wager and this is 5%.

The reason for this is that in baccarat, because of the 1.01% house edge, the dealer is always destined to win more often than the player. Even with the commission payable the wagering proposition is better, so the best bet to make is on the bankers’ hand. Don’t waste any time looking for a betting or hand pattern, none exists.

Check out the amount of decks in a Baccarat shoe, the less decks of cards used the better the outcome for the player may be. But most live casino baccarat games do use the same number of decks in the shoe.

Some casinos pay 9 to 1 on the Tie, others pay 8 to 1, if you are really going to take a wager like that, make sure you receive the best payout possible if you win on this long shot.

Honestly speaking, there is nothing we or any other expert hast to offer in the way of tips or strategy. The best thing to do is just makes sure you know baccarat rules, play and enjoy!