postheadericon Online Poker – What Makes Java Clients Click

Not all online poker rooms opt for the Flash/Java solutions to offer these games to their members, and in fact the amount of poker rooms using downloadable Linux and Mac compatible software is also on the increase. PartyPoker for example – they have software available which is compatible with Linux and Apple Macs. However the Java/Flash programming language is potentially a great deal more interesting because it offers a completely cross platform solution. In fact this writer has said before that there will come a time when online live poker players will not even know what is being said if someone mentions “download” software.

However, that having been said, in terms of the online poker player there is still a need to download software and the implications of this mainly lie with download anti-fraud properties. Anti-fraud and anti-botting; both these solutions depend on user download to their own system, because this is how a poker room tracks any programmes which look suspicious or may be running in the background. Provided the poker room switches these systems on – there have been a few nasty scandals on this aspect. Installing systems to pick up mouse and keyboard hooks for Java is going to be something interesting to see. These are the most common, or tell-tale signs of botting, collusion and all those wrong kinds of things scamsters use, instead of sitting down and enjoying a fair game of poker online.

Most Java clients like it too much, even though experts believe that it is not the most perfect computer language for programming real money games such as poker. Some don’t even like it for slots and although it is almost there – it is also, almost not! Java cannot create an entire game by itself the Java Native Interface (JNI) must also be integrated with C++ and/or C for adaption to audio and video hardware on a laptop or PC. There are still problems with Audio API’s during development and in fact the key to severing the dependency of Java from the JNI is more than likely the key to fully securing it from bots and other threats.

Some poker sites are already using Java-based gaming in very innovative ways, and of course the increased popularity in mobile gaming fits the Java platform as snug as a bug in a rug. There are no special programming requirements for video and audio hardware, so the tenuous connection to JNI is actually breached in this respect. Mobile poker software is free from the site where the player holds an account and any real money player can have it.

Java 3D for 3D graphics, has its limitations too, but has been the right choice for a while. While poker on mobile phones may be of a lesser quality depending on the mobile display; as popular as smartphones are set to become, not all poker players have access to these. But, one thing is for certain, with Java-based games, nearly everyone has access to online poker and this is how it should be.

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