postheadericon Some players are subject to survey after the World Cup

The dire plight of the Indomitable Lions is not finished after their shameful defeat in the Brazil World Cup 2014 and their case should not go unnoticed. As we might remember, despite their high sports betting odds, Cameroon got home without a single win, a fact that really affeted numerous keens of bets on football. The team collected three defeats to the entire disappointment of online sports betting world who wagered on this nation. Some of its players are likely to have big trouble in the coming weeks.

Indeed Cameroon Football Federation (F├ęcafoot) launched an investigation concerning a suspected fraud of selection as reported by FIFA. It refers to the disastrous game against Croatia, the end of which saw a large score defeat of the African team, 0-4. In its statement, the Cameroonian Federation promised to make every effort to resolve this disturbing problem as soon as possible.

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