postheadericon Strategy For Casino Baccarat – Is There Such a Thing?

Casino Baccarat is such a simple game that there really is no way a justifiable strategy can be used. Simple strategies obviously work with all casino games; strategies such as bet big if you want to win big and bet small if you want to play for a long time. With baccarat, the same principles apply, but if ever anyone wants to sell you some complicated guaranteed strategy for playing this game, hang onto your money or you will lose twice. Once when you buy the strategy and again when you play.

A strategy would mean a system the player can use to influence the outcome of winning.

Rather save your money and play the game, the odds of winning will probably be higher. There are only three bets to place in baccarat and if you have the right cards in your hand, you simply have to rely on luck, just like the toss of a coin to see if you will win against the dealer. Every other player placing money on the strength of your, or the dealers hand will be doing exactly the same thing.

As with every casino card game, there is always room for improvement when you play, this could be called strategy, or tips if you like as they are as simple as that. If a system is based on previous hands or previous bets, you will be out of luck, this game is so random. There are only three sure things, either the player wins, the dealer wins or there is a tie.

One very important rule maintained by all baccarat players is never wager on the “tie”. Even though the returns are so huge the chances of this happening are incredibly slim. The tie wager has a massive house edge of over 15%, while a players hand wager only has 1.29%. The dealers (banker) hand wager has a house edge of 1.01%, but the house also charges a commission or “vigorish” on this wager and this is 5%.

The reason for this is that in baccarat, because of the 1.01% house edge, the dealer is always destined to win more often than the player. Even with the commission payable the wagering proposition is better, so the best bet to make is on the bankers’ hand. Don’t waste any time looking for a betting or hand pattern, none exists.

Check out the amount of decks in a Baccarat shoe, the less decks of cards used the better the outcome for the player may be. But most live casino baccarat games do use the same number of decks in the shoe.

Some casinos pay 9 to 1 on the Tie, others pay 8 to 1, if you are really going to take a wager like that, make sure you receive the best payout possible if you win on this long shot.

Honestly speaking, there is nothing we or any other expert hast to offer in the way of tips or strategy. The best thing to do is just makes sure you know baccarat rules, play and enjoy!

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